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2015 Flyway Film Festival – Kristjan Knigge

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That’s right, Andrew (from Row Three) and I are back again for the Flyway Film Festival for our annual “Pub” casts. This year we split up our pubcasts between Flyway Festival Director Rick Vaicius and Flyway Award Winner Kristjan Knigge, while I interview Julie Keck and Jessica King from King is a Fink Productions and Erica Anderson from Seed & Spark. Lastly, Andrew, James Gillham and I sit down and record a podcast as well. Its a bit more eclectic version of shows than we’ve done in the past, but I think you’ll enjoy them all.

Next up is award winning Director Kristjan Knigge and lead actor Sytse Faber from Second Honeymoon, a film that will make its World Premier at the Flyway Film festival, and I had the honor of being just the third person in the world to see the completed film. And while I leave Kristjan on edge on whether or not I like the film, we go off on a tangent like only Kristjan could drive. As always he’s a pleasure to talk with, and a more passionate filmmaker you’ll be hard pressed to find, and as an added bonus this time I’m pretty sure we don’t wholesale insult any foreign countries while interviewing him.

As always thanks for listening.

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2015 Flyway Film Festival Pubcast - Kristjan Knigge
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