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Please visit these other sites. They are friends and colleagues who have been doing this just as long, if not longer, than I have. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Sean, Jay and the rest of the Film Junk staff offer up plenty of news, insight, and reviews on new releases. They also happen to run the best film related podcast on the Internet.

Combining several smaller sites into one super site, the Row Three crew have assembled a heck of place to discuss just about everything related to watching movies. As an added bonus they host three separate podcasts by various site members as well.

A website created by and for documentary fans and filmmakers. Their goal is to become your quintessential source for news and reviews pertaining specifically to documentary films. Regular ‘features’ will focus on filmmakers, style, and hopefully provide insight into the process of documentary filmmaking.

Bi-weekly podcast, with bonus episodes, that center around the work of one movie director per show. Hosted by Jim Laczkowski & Patrick Ripoll with a rotating line-up of guests and friends.

Members from Twitch, Film Junk, Row Three, Quiet Earth and Where the Long Tail Ends meet once a month to review two films for their podcast. Sure it skews Canadian, but it still is a great podcast.

The Large Association of Movie Blogs, or LAMB for short is an aggregate site of hundreds of movie blogs on the web. They also host several contests and awards as well. If you are looking for movie reviews, or have your own movie related blog and are looking for some fellow addicts, this is a great place to start your search.