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Avatar, I wish I could quit you!

Posted on Aug 20, 2009 by | 9 comments

avatar trailer brokenSo the big news today is that the Avatar trailer was finally released. Its a decent enough trailer, the various aliens and their world certainly look pretty cool, but the CGI clearly isn’t finished yet. With the release of District 9 this past week the bar has clearly been raised and I’m sure those wonderful kiwis at Weta are feverishly working around the clock to finish the effects in time for the release date. But to certainly no avail, as I’m sure the Internet will erupt with exuberant apathy or some such nonsense before the day is out.

But what I am finding far more entertaining then the trailer, is the continual efforts of Fox’s marketing department to shoot this film in the mind controlled foot. First they announce they will be releasing an image, and it turns out to be a blurry and grainy amalgamation that confuses rather then excites. They follow that up with the announcement of a 25 minute preview for Avatar day, but the ticketing system crashes resulting in countless people being unable to get tickets for the event. Finally, we get the trailer release. Nerds have been feverishly waiting for this moment, only to have the Apple Trailers website crash under the weight. At one point their HD versions of the trailers finally make it up, but as if realizing the error of their ways, immediately crash in accordance to seemingly mandatory rules.

Making things even more entertaining, the first working Avatar trailer could only be found on MSN’s FRENCH website, the sort of backhanded marketing triumph that should send Ruppert Murdoch into a veritable tizzy. And while this dysfunction is to this point far more entertaining then anything I’ve seen from Avatar as yet, I simply can’t wait to see how truly disastrous this relationship between film and fans inevitably gets.


Matt Gamble
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  1. I think it looks good. But seriously, the movie can’t possibly live up to its hype. Cameron should have told people he was making a small, personal picture and not told anyone that he was making the Celluloid Jesus everyone believes it is. I can already feel the disappointment from four months away.

  2. Exactly. This movie stands no chance of being well received as people will judge it against the spectacle they have created in their own minds rather then what is actually on screen. Its a shame.

  3. I also think that they should be mentioning that he’s responsible for T2 and Aliens, because I think a lot of people (not us) have forgotten his credentials outside of Titanic. This’ll help remind people that he’s reliable, so we can at least expect it to be very good, that is, if we can wash away all the pre-hype.

    Isn’t that bizarre? I mean, today the hype really begins. Before it was pre-hype. We were anticipating the hype instead of the hype creating the anticipation. No wonder everyone is so exhausted by the time the movie rolls out.

    Also, it’s important to remind people that Titanic succeeded despite the fact that it was predicted for months to be a huge bomb. If I were Fox, I’d be starting rumors of how awful the movie is to ensure a box office gold!

  4. It seems to me the are focusing on Titanic to help try and sell a love story, and thus draw not only nerds, but more importantly females (nerds and other sub-genres) who helped turn Titanic into the cash cow it became.

    And I agree, if people are flipping out now, what shape are they going to be in 4 months from now? You could have a full scale Twitter riot on our e-hands.

  5. Man, if George Lucas raped everyone’s childhood, Jame Cameron just ass-fucked everyone’s future!

    What’s the point of going on?

  6. I don’t see what the big concern is from people who have watched this. Every movie Cameron has made for the last 25 years has been revolutionary (alright maybe not True Lies, but that still has to be considered the last great action comedy), so why be worried that he’ll fail here? I expect my brain to melt because of the effects, and I can’t imagine the romance will ruin it because it didn’t ruin Titantic (that’s right) or The Abyss.

    And I might as well remind you that I’m not even looking at a still from this movie before I’m in the theater.

  7. From what I’m reading from the people who actually saw the footage yesterday is that the trailer doesn’t accurately reflect the format. This is revolutionary; unfortunately, the trailer can’t show this. I’m excited about it and I hope it’s a fun time.

  8. The trailer does not manage to capture how good this film looks in 3D and how amazing the CGI is. It’s the best CGI animation I’ve ever seen in terms of characters ever. No foolin.

    • Nice to see you make it over here Omar. Did they screen stuff for Avatar Day in Iceland? I figured it was like Mad Max over there by now, only colder and with more attractive people.

      I wish I could have made it out to the screening yesterday, and I would have if my car hadn’t broken down on the way. Ah well.

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