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Cabin in the Woods Film Festival – Ep 23 – The Rules of the Game

Posted on Jan 21, 2016 by | 3 comments

The Rules of the Game

And we’re back! While Angela and I have been busy watching horror films we just haven’t been sitting down and recording any new episodes of the Cabin in the Woods Film Festival Podcast and we thought it was a good time to change that. So before we head out to the Galapagos Islands to engage in our dream vacation, we pull up a couple of chairs and talk about how Angela never got to watch Gremlins, and how she thinks a Wholphin is a wolf/dolphin hybrid bent on the death and destruction of all who cross it’s bloody path. Oh yeah, and we talk about The Rules of the Game as well.

Now, The Rules of the Game is hardly considered a horror film, but for me it is very much a precursor to a lot of tropes and styles that would be used in horror films for generations to come. It certainly has no problem embracing Death throughout much of its run time, and its two most famous scenes actively engage with the act of death and the afterlife. On top of that you have horrible people doing horrible things, all while blithely unaware of their own oncoming meeting with the Nazi war machine. Then toss in some sex, drugs and Downton Abbey and you have one hell of a film that was hugely influential on cinema. Oh, and our dogs bark a lot at Angela’s singing. It’s a content packed show to be sure which means its probably our best show ever. Or, maybe our worst. It’s a thin dividing line.

As always, thanks for listening!


Opening Theme – Help, I’m Alive by Metric
Closing Music – Eat the Rich by Aerosmith

Cabin in the Woods Film Festival Podcast - The Rules of the Game 
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  1. Rules of the Game is a great film.

    Listening to the latter portions of the podcast, I’d say that Angela has misdiagnosed herself. She’s not afraid of zombies, she’s afraid of flesh eating ghouls / cannibals. I bet she’d be fine with a classic Haitian zombie movie.

    • I’m with you Robert, I think she’d be fine with the Haitian style of zombie. Serpent and the Rainbow is a film I think she might even enjoy.

      • I Walked With a Zombie is the film that I’m thinking she’d like if she could get past the title.

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