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Cabin in the Woods Film Festival Podcast – Ep 1 – Blade II

Posted on Apr 4, 2012 by | 7 comments

What’s that? A new podcast? You’re god damn right it is. For those of you not following at home, The Cabin in the Woods Film Festival occurs every time I make my girlfriend Angela (herself a co-host of The Film Confessional Podcast) watch a horror film. Since she is not a fan of horror films, and I most certainly am, it’s a fun way for us to get a healthy debate going about how depraved and pointless my taste in movies can be.

And while the first iterations of thew festival came through me writing reviews about the films we watched, since we were taking a nice long vacation at her family’s cabin in the woods, it seemed all the more fitting for us to record our post-viewing conversations about the movies I was making her watch.

We’ve got five episodes coming up for this series of podcasts, as some of the movies toe the line of being horror, others flirt with being torture porn and some are just flat out fun to watch. We’re trying to keep these more conversational and focus more on Angela’s visceral reactions to the films, as well as affording the opportunity to publicly dress me down for being a deceitful asshole. Trust me, it’s all in good fun and I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed making them. Well, at least as much fun as I had.

Thanks for listening!

Opening Theme – Help, I’m Alive by Metric
Closing Music – Ready or Not by The Fugees

Cabin in the Woods Film Festival Podcast - Blade 2 
[ 17:49 | 16.3 MB ] Download

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  1. I can not believe that Andrew James does not like this film. It is pure cinema.

    • Their are a lot of movies that I can’t believe he doesn’t like.

  2. I love Blade II. It’s very different from the first one and I would have a hard time naming one or the other the better film, but it’s definitely the scariest of the three.

    If either of you two should stumble upon the comments, what do you even think about the third? You didn’t really touch upon that in the podcast, and it’s probably the movie with most to discuss, what with it being a very big departure from the first two and it pretty much getting panned. Personally I absolutely hate it and it more or less destroyed Wesley Snipes’ career, which is a huge shame.

  3. PS: I LOVE the intro song, thanks for introducing me to this great band!

    • Yeah, the intro song ended up being perfect for the whole idea of the show. I went kind of cheesy with the closing songs but the intro was too good to pass up.

      I pretty much hated the third. Sure the shower scene was nice, but 30 seconds of Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel sudsing up does not an action movie make. I don’t know if that movie is more responsible for the end of Wesley Snipes’ career or his income tax problems. We actually probably should have mentioned how I even chose that one to lead off the podcasts, as Angela told me it was her least favorite of the trilogy, which I just couldn’t believe. Then when I pressed her on it more she couldn’t remember much about it, and when we finally watched it she said that she must have never seen it. Other than that, I don’t know how much time can be spent on the third film. That and I kind of envision these podcasts more as straight reactions to the movie that Angela has just watched. I’m not too worried about examining them too much or any sort of deep analysis, but rather focus on the reaction of someone who doesn’t like horror films and what they took away from the experience.

      • Yeah, it’s not that it merited a long discussion, but more like 2-3 min. perhaps on the series as a whole. Like if you talked about Hellboy 2, I would think it was weird if you never mentioned your feelings towards Hellboy 1.

        Oh and yeah, the tax problems… They didn’t exactly help either.

  4. Does anyone else notice the similarities between Blade Runner and Blade 2? Many plot points in Blade 2 follow Blade Runner.

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