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Challenge! Podcast – They Live

Posted on Oct 31, 2015 by | 5 comments

That’s right, another year, another Halloween Spooktacular! Or something. Now, I know you were expecting this edition of the Challenge! Podcast to be on Porn Parodies, but a few things happened on our way to the Flyway Film Festival where we were going to record. First, our friend Jim Laczokoskiaskikikiii (sp?) unfortunately had to bow out at the last-minute do to some rather unfortunate reasons. It’s a shame that he wasn’t able to attend the film festival, but we all hope he will be able to join us next year where we can make attempt number two at having James talk uncomfortably about porn for 30-55 minutes.

Now, I had for a brief moment considered an audible and have Angela and Andrew James (from Row Three) watch the porn films with us and do more of a round table discussion on the films but then I heard some rather disturbing information. You see, James revealed on Facebook that he had never watched They Live. And then, as if by a miracle sent from the Demon of Devil’s Night himself, Andrew admitted he hadn’t watched it either.

So thus, my mission became clear. I was going to have these two self-proclaimed fans of John Carpenter sit down and watch one of his finest films and record a podcast about it. But then, someone on the episode hated the movie, and suddenly we had a very interesting and contentious bit of gold on our hands. I hope you enjoy as our very friendships crumble over a fucking movie.

It’s pretty great.

And, as always, thanks for listening!


Opening Theme – The Cousin of Death by Beastie Boys
Closing Theme – S.O.B. by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Challenge! Podcast – They Live [ 1:09:12 | 63.55 MB ] Download


Matt Gamble
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  1. Whilst skipping through a poppy field, exclaiming to all and sundry just how great my life is, whilst randomly blurting out uninformed yet overtly pc comments on social media, I thought to myself “what would happen to James G if he watched Hell Comes To Frog Town?”

    … But then I stopped caring as I rewatched They Live again and had a reasonably fun time watching a cool little action/sc-fi movie from the 80’s (that is mid-tier Carpenter despite what Captain Gamble says – I have a chart, I can prove it scientifically) my daughter cuddled up with me, hugging her Disney-produced Winnie the Pooh teddy.

    I looked her in the eyes and she said to me “Daddy… Why are Uncle James and Uncle Matt getting divorced?”.

    I wiped away her tears and replied “I can’t answer that right now sweetheart, I have have to extensively research both their backgrounds before I can consume any more of their output”.

    She nodded sagely, an unjustifiable sense of worldliness radiated from her… “Even Cabin In The Woods?” She asked.

    I sighed, knowing I can shield her from only so much , “Only if the cabin is constructed entirely from an official logging reforestation project baby…” She reached out to me.

    And we cried.

    And as I carried her to bed, I told her of a less complicated era, before the Empire, before the Dark Times… And when Andrew James guested on another podcast we love and had a fun time… talking about how much he loved colourful cars and Paul Walker.

    I paid a Canadian dollar for that podcast… And I now feel ashamed, because I honestly know not the full story of Frankie Knuckles politician affiliation.

    Anyhoo… Brilliant episode. Hope you’ve recovered James.


    Thanks so much for all the Chris Lee content, was amazing.

    • Hiya Mahoney. I don’t know what happened to me this episode. I was afraid my behavior was a bit ugly. Got no explanation for it, really. Glad you listened, though.

      Matt and I are due to record this week, so I don’t think we’re getting divorced.

    • Oh, sorry, Mahoney. We didn’t wind up recording as I said we were planning, because things came up for me and I was unable to keep to the commitment. Something soon, though, hopefully. 🙂

      • Hopefully in the next week or so. James wants to do a recap episode set to the soothing dulcet tones of Lawrence Welk.

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