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Commentary Track – Put your vote where your mouth is

Posted on Mar 19, 2013 by | 5 comments

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to help incentivize our donation setup, to give proper thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years. One of the ways I find most interesting, and potentially fun, is an idea James and I have lightly kicked around for some time, that of recording commentary tracks for various films.

Now, James and I have always thrown out titles like Star Wars or other much beloved films we grew up on, but I figured if I really was going to offer a gift to people who donate, who better to ask than our fans? So, over on Facebook I asked a very simple question about possible commentary tracks, and the response quickly spiraled out of control.

Rather than giving us a list of films that would most definitely fall within our wheelhouse, it seems you’d rather James and I watch utterly ridiculous films. I suppose I should have taken into account the amount of sadists who vote on polls, as clearly that is the leading segment of our readership.

But since we’ve had such a high response I thought I’d offer up something a bit more formal for people and throw up a poll. The rules will be very simple, the highest vote getter in this poll will be the first film that James and I will provide a commentary track for. Right now I have it in my head that this first one we will offer up to everyone, and then any additional ones will be just for people who donate. So, with out further ado, I offer up the selection of films for you to choose from.

And remember, this is for posterity, so please, be honest.

Thanks for helping!

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Matt Gamble
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  1. Hey guys, I was just wondering when the Twilight commentary was going to be uploaded. Matt said something on the Cinecast about recording it last week, and I was just wondering when it was going to be put up. No rush of course.

    Thanks again for introducing me to great unknown films that I would have never watched had it not been for you guys talking about them. Vampire Circus was awesome, one of my favorite first time watches from last year,.

    • I think this one deserves a response from James.

      • Some nasty weather prevented me from leaving the house to record last week, so we postponed recording until today, 4/23. Matt says that he should have the commentary track up by this weekend.


  2. Awesome, no problem guys, I’m near Chicago so I know what your talking about. Can’t wait to hear it, but I’m debating whether I should watch the film while listening or just listen since I haven’t opted to see Twilight prior to now.

    • As much as I hate to put you through it, I’d recommend having the film play with the commentary track on. Some of James’ quips only work with the visuals present.

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