We here at Where the Long Tail Ends are film fans, and frankly, are already more than a little tired of being advertised to before our movies start so why should we keep advertising when we read or write about films? Rather than support our site through ads that generate more annoyances than revenue, we’ve decided to provide everything free of such distractions and simply say if you like what we are doing please feel free to donate.

We don’t need your donations to survive, and we’ll still keep producing more articles and podcasts whether you donate or not, but if you do donate you’ll receive our heartfelt appreciation for confirming what we do is worth our time and effort. We’ll be doing all of this anyways, but is always nice to know that you like us, you really like us. We are offering two options, either a single lump donation or a small monthly recurring donation. In the future we might also include premium content but for now either option is a great way to let us know that you appreciate all our hard work.

For those of you wanting to know where this money will be going to, it will help cover such things as server costs, purchasing new equipment, updating software and maybe even covering the cost of the upgrading a small popcorn to a medium at the concessions stand.


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