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Downton Abbey Podcast Season Four

Posted on Mar 13, 2014 by | 0 comments

To once again quote The Matt Gamble, “… and we’re back!” Unfortunately, we’re a bit tardy this time as we bring you our latest, super-sized installment of our Downton Abbey podcast at Where the Long Tail Ends.

This time around, Angela and I talk season four. To follow up our most recent episode that was a discussion of the first season, we decide (a bit of a ways into this episode) that a discussion of all of the subsequent seasons of Downton through the lens of season four is in order. We had some difficulty keeping up with matching each season to a single podcast, but we hope that you’ll still enjoy hearing what two fans of the show have to say.

One more thing: This discussion contains spoilers for all four seasons of Downton, so if you’ve not had a chance to catch up, or you haven’t yet begun, please skip our little discussion for now and come back once you’ve caught up. We’d love to have you check out our podcast, but we’d hate to spoil any of the fun that you’ll have watching Downton.

This time around, we revisit some of the most memorable moments from seasons two and three, examine how the impact that these moments had on the events of season four, talk about a few of our favorite characters, and hit the highlights of this season’s most recent episodes.

That’s all for now. Again, apologies that we weren’t able to follow through with our original pledge to dedicate a single podcast to each season; along with a particularly unkind Minnesota winter, life got in the way once again.

Thanks for listening, and we hope you’ll return to check us out once season five hits the US in another year!

Opening Theme – The Suite by Chamber Orchestra Of London
Closing Theme – Track 7 by Our Musical Past Volume 1 (Library of Congress)

Countdown to Downton - Season 4 Recap [ 52:14 | 47.91 MB ] Download


James Gillham
James is a lifelong fan of horror and science fiction films. A Where the Long Tail Ends contributor since 2009, James is co-host of the High and Low(Brow) Podcast.
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