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Flyway Horrorcast – James Gillham w/ Pericles Lewnes

Posted on Oct 28, 2011 by | 0 comments

And James is back! For those of wanting more James Gillham, and that seems to be everyone who listens to our podcasts, you are in for a Halloween treat. James took it upon himself to sit down and record some interviews with several different horror film aficionados while attending the 2011 Flyway Film Festival and the result is a handful of great interviews and discussions about the Flyway Film Festival and horror films.

First up is Pericles Lewnes, one of the few people that have had the pleasure of attending every Flyway Film Festival, and who has also had a chance to screen two different films at Flyway in years past, those being LOOP and Redneck Zombies. James and Pericles focus at first on Flyway itself, before discussing the opening night film Collaborator and parlaying that discussion into an examination of how effective claustrophobia is with injecting horror elements into almost any film and what other elements elevate a good horror film into a great horror film.




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