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High and Low (Brow) – All aboard the Monomyth!

Posted on Jul 18, 2016 by | 7 comments

Back and worse than ever, it’s your least favorite c-list podcasting duo, Matt Gamble and James Gillham, with the ALL-NEW (but not improved) High & Low (Brow) podcast! Unbeknownst to you dear  listeners, we’ve actually been secretly recording episodes for the past few weeks. We’ve just been keeping this on the DL while we work out the kinks of our new format. But before we explain our new format we wanted to make one last call for everyone to board the Monomyth!

Now, how about we get to explaining what this new format will be? Previously, each episode we reviewed two movies that fell under a single theme. Now we are going to switch it up and devote each episode to a single film. But, to make sure you’re still getting your fill we will be doing multiple episodes devoted to each theme. The current plan is to have four episodes per theme, meaning twice as much content. Maybe. Our math is fuzzy.

This time our theme is following the Monomyth (better known as the Hero’s Journey), and to do that we’re having a look at Don Coscarelli’s 80s fantasy-adventure film The Beastmaster, Ron Howard’s Willow, the pre-Avengers superhero film The Phantom, and last (or first), High Noon, a classic of the western genre.

It’s great to be back after a 4-month hiatus from recording an episode of High & Low (Brow). This is our longest delay yet, and we figured we’d celebrate our return by doing more than just changing up the format. This time around, we’re going to be dropping four episodes of material Orange is the New Black-style. That’s right, the first four-episode block is dropping today! You can binge on all four today, or take your time; we’re going to be dropping a new multi-episode block soon.

Listen as you will; it makes no difference which order the episodes are in. There are no lists, eliminations, or games, but we think after this set of releases we might play a bit more with keeping the theme and episode order a secret. We believe this will finally add some much needed nuance to our show.

Your comments, concerns, questions, and criticisms are always welcome. We love to hear what you think.

Thanks for tuning in!


“Midnight in the Desert” is by Crystal Gale.
“Old Souls” is by Paul Williams and performed by Jessica Harper.
“Sky High” is by Jigsaw.
“Frankenstein” is by The Edgar Winter Group.

The following recordings are freely available for non-commercial use at
“Jack in the Box” by Mike Koenig
“Gun War” by Mystery Man
“Radar Detector Beeps” (uncredited)

The 20th Century Fox theme is owned by 20th Century Fox Corp.

All recordings sampled for these episodes are available on various digital media, and are believed to be within the boundaries of fair-use. No infringement of copyright is intended.


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All Aboard the Monomyth! – The Beastmaster
[ 1:03:57 | 58.55 MB MB ] Download


All Aboard the Monomyth! – Willow
[ 1:19:10 | 72.48 MB MB ] Download


All Aboard the Monomyth! – The Phantom
[ 55:12 | 50.54 MB MB ] Download


All Aboard the Monomyth! – High Noon
[ 59:42 | 54.65 MB MB ] Download


James Gillham
James is a lifelong fan of horror and science fiction films. A Where the Long Tail Ends contributor since 2009, James is co-host of the High and Low(Brow) Podcast.
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  1. What is this voodoo? Thanks lads… This’ll make my commute much more bearable.

    • Glad to help Mahoney! Thanks for sticking with us all this time!

    • We’ve been at this for awhile. We’ve got most of the next theme already in the can.

  2. I’m enjoying the new format but “blog cast ” is an abomination of the English language. Let’s never repeat it again.

    • Ha ha. Yeah, that one was a stretch. I think we settled on something a little less of an abomination. 🙂

  3. And, hey, other than dates Matt was fairly accurate on his comic book history. What’s a decade or two between friends.

    • If I was right about every detail I’d never be wrong.

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