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High and Low (Brow) – Episode 1.5

Posted on May 23, 2009 by | 16 comments

podcast-logoUnbeknownst to you my dear reader, James and I secretly recorded a podcast almost one month ago. It was meant to be a trial run before we recorded our first official podcast. So if you are a little confused by the episode numbering, don’t you worry, they should be far more coherent from now on, unlike say, James and my film commentary.

In this episode we discuss Terminator Salvation, D-Box technology, the new Star Trek reboot, HP Lovecraft influenced Netflix rubrics and of course, the two films we chose to watch and review for this particular episode. Those being And Then There Were None and 5 Dolls For an August Moon.

As you will quickly realize, we are still pretty rough around the edges, but I think this format has a great deal of potential. Feel free to leave any comments, critiques or suggestions to help improve the podcast. Hope you enjoy!



Matt Gamble
I review movies. I run a movie theatre. I annoy people. I let my dogs lick my face whenever they want. Sometimes I'm even a halfway decent human.
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  1. there’s a pretty good audio player plugin if you guys are gonna do more of these:

    loads it in the post, or gives you an option to pop out just the audio player.

    ps. nice up der nort accent! hahaha

  2. Nice, I was too lazy to go look for a plugin last night after I had finished everything.

    And yeah, 15 years of living in Minnesohtah has killed my accent. But at least I don’t say bubbler any more.

  3. Not sure who was more convincing on the Bava flick. Once I found out there is more than one killer though, I cried horse shit and lean towards James’ side without even having seen the movie.

    I listened to the show like ten hours ago and forgot everything I wanted to say…

    Oh yes. I like the idea of reviewing two films that are adapted from the same source. As long as we’re (the audience) aware of them before hand. I also like the idea of making James pick the movies based on ONLY a brief plot description. That’s pretty fucking great.

    Sound quality was good for a first attempt. Slightly treble heavy. I had to adjust the EQ settings on my iPod as it was constantly making my head twitch slightly to the left. For Christ sakes Matt, get a better sound setup. You’d think you were recording in someone’s apartment with a cable splitter or something.

  4. The technical part is going to take me awhile as I’m figuring it out as we go along. For the life of me I can’t figure out why we have such a delay in our headphones, which kept throwing me off as I spoke. Eventually we practically muted them. Once I get that fixed I’ll move to making the sound less “pitchy”. Also, you don’t want to know what our “pop screens” are made out of.

    James and I talked about 5 Dolls a little more the next day, and I think I finally figured out what the hell was going on. Their is really only 1 killer of the guests, but their is a second who fakes a murder, and a third who kills someone before the events in the movie that is revealed later during the surprise ending. All this is explained in the course of about 3 minutes and it didn’t help that I didn’t even recognize who the hell was confessing.

    I stand by the statement that the murder mystery is totally secondary to everything going on in the film. It reminded me of Moonlighting, in that the mysteries in that show were an after thought, though for 5 Dolls the focus wasn’t on character development, but crazy camera work and grizzly deaths. It really was a huge contrast to And Then There Were None which was completely about trying to solve the mystery.

    Yeah, I think the change to the selection process really is a big improvement. It could make for some fun episodes when James picks something he knows he despises. Were going to try and stick to movies that you can get from Netflix so listeners can have a chance to watch stuff beforehand, similar to what you guys do with the Movie Club Podcast, but I already know I’m going to break that rule for our third show. I just won’t make a habit out of it.

    I’m also tossing around of trying to come up with some way to get some audience participation, but I’m just not sure what. Having people suggest themes seems like one way, but hopefully I can come up with some other idea.

    Thanks for the feedback Drew. I really appreciate it.

  5. “I think I finally figured out what the hell was going on. Their is really only 1 killer of the guests, but their is a second who fakes a murder, and a third who kills someone before the events in the movie that is revealed later during the surprise ending.” – Matt Gamble, 25 May 2009

    “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” – Proverbial

    “It’s crap.” – Me, 22 May 2009

    Three characters that might possibly be killing off other characters when there are only seven or eight characters to begin with. That means, if one is at all concerned with the ‘whodoneit?’ aspect of the film, you’ve got a 50/50 chance of guessing the killer.

  6. There were 10 or 11 characters. I think 10 though. Did you throw a fit when Clue revealed that everyone was a killer?

    And I might have been more compelled by your arguments if you weren’t whining like a mule while making them.

    Also, what is your issue with Basil Rathbone?

  7. I think I was just fatigued. I don’t have an issue with Basil Rathbone.

    And I didn’t whine like a mule. I can’t help it if my boyish voice sounds whiny when compared to your raspy old man voice.

  8. Just listened to the show…

    First off, I always appreciate people keeping me company on my late night walks. Thank you for that.

    As for the show; I thought it was a good first episode. I think that the audio quality is definitely something that could be improved, even if it’s a matter of playing with the file after recording it. Just too much treble. Also, running the audio through a normalizer might help. The issue is mainly this: treble + inconsistent volume levels = extreme ear pain whenever someone laughs, coughs or says p’s or b’s.

    As for the content; the format is good. The idea of putting two similar films together is a good one and the method of picking the films is interesting. I’m a big Bava fan, so it was nice to hear some discussion about 5 Dolls for an August Moon.

    The only criticism I’d have is Matt didn’t say much for the first 30 minutes or so but rather simply asked James his thoughts on things. Would’ve liked to hear more of a back and forth during some of the early conversations.

    Look forward to the next one!

  9. Could you guys please go to the new IMAX at Rosedale and review that? I’ve heard the screen is too small and need confirmation.

  10. @lori
    There is no way Rosedale has an actual IMAX screen/projector. The Zoo has the only actual IMAX presentation in town that I know of. Rosedale must have that new crappy version.

    If I was Andrew I’d probably make some comment that having Film Junk complain about audio quality on a podcast is like a millionaire bitching that the caviar isn’t $500 an ounce. But I’m not a dick like he is. I’ll try and make some headway on the treble issue for the next show. I’ve got a few weeks at least and I’ll make sure to bug Drew about it. I might even send a couple emails Sean’s way as well.

    I also wanted to step back a little for this episode, and maybe the next couple, and let James get a bit more of a platform. I think people have kind of an idea of where I stand on films thanks to the Row Three podcast, and I think the show will be better served in the long run to get James used to recording recording and voicing his opinion and simply getting comfortable with making his opinions public. Plus I need to get used to running a show rather then simply sitting on high and bitching at Andrew and Kurt. Compared to our “lost episode” this show was a huge step forward. Hopefully the next one improves as well, then we might be on to something.

    Anyone have any thoughts on the length of the show? I know I’d like to keep it around an hour long, and devote the majority of it to the two films we watched. Should I concern myself with that or just not worry about it?

  11. @Matt

    So you won’t make the trip to Rosedale to confirm the crappiness? If you are willing to expand your idea of “in town”, the Cinemagic in St. Michael is very, very nice.

    On the topic of audio quality, I think you know someone who went to school for sound engineering or something like that. I believe his name is Jason something…perhaps he can offer some advice?

  12. Crap, I totally forgot about Jason. That’s a great idea.

  13. Now this is my kind of podcast, a look back at the forgotten and unusual. I dig on James particularly laconic way of talking about film. Fabulous! Amusing to see Matt cowtow a bit. 😉

  14. Gym-fuckin’-Kata (Yea, I’m commenting in real-time.) Village of teh Crazies. I hope James picks that one.! ha.

  15. Yay. It was a great day when Gymkata finally came to DVD. Go Pommel Horse!

  16. (and I never heard of that Coscorelli flick. Catherine Keener & Lance Henrikson? I’ll be following along. How dare you not mention THE BEASTMASTER on the big C.’s C.V.

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