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High and Low (Brow) – Episode 2.10 – We Need a Little Controversy

Posted on Mar 3, 2011 by | 12 comments

And we’re back! James and I have fallen into a bit of a groove with recording, allowing us to make up for some lost time and churn out a few episodes for your listening enjoyment.

This time we sit down and discuss a pair of controversial films, the Louis Bunuel classic Viridiana, a film declared blasphemous by the Catholic Church and banned in Bunuel’s home country of Spain, and the much maligned Disney film Song of the South, a film that has never been released on home video or re-released in theatres since 1986, all because it paints a rather idyllic picture of the old South and possibly the master/slave relationship. We’ll see if the films are worthy of the controversy that surrounds them, and perhaps even engage in a little controversy ourselves.

In unrelated news, I’m dabbling with posting the podcast in an m4a format rather than as an mp3. It allows for a bit more functionality for those with mobile devices, especially for those of you who listen to the show through iTunes, which happens to be most of you. As I get better acquainted with Garage Band I hope to take a bit more advantage of some of the options it provides so hopefully the downloads will have a bit more to offer than just me and James talking about movies. Feedback, as always, would be appreciated.

If you have any recommendations for films we could watch for the podcast, or want to suggest a potential theme for us to use, or simply want to tell James how awesome he is, feel free to email us and tell us your ideas. If you enjoy the show make sure to subscribe through iTunes or our RSS feed so you can catch every new episode. Also, please friend James on Facebook. Because it will frighten and confuse him. And while you’re there be sure to join our relatively new Facebook group devoted to Where the Long Tail Ends.

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As always, thanks for listening!

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  1. Nice podcast as always. I added Viridiana to my queue right after. It’s about time I see a Bunuel film and that sounds like a solid entry.

  2. Hey Robert – I am glad to hear that you’ve queued that one up. It really is a good film. This is only the second or third Bunuel film I’ve seen. If you get a chance, check out his short film that he made with Salvador Dali called “The Andalusian Dog” or “Un Chien Andalou.” It’s the kind of movie that’s been relegated to film theory classrooms, but it’s worth a watch just for its entertainment value. There’s a DVD floating around that features an interview with Bunuel’s son… but you could probably find a place with a high-quality stream online for free.

  3. Classic High n Low Brow guys .. with multitued of hot topics and socio-political elements involved and you two lock horns over the child actors … brilliant. loving the turn-over of shows also, please keep em coming!

    I’d also like to point out that I didn’t ejaculate in my pants …. I wasn’t wearing any.

    I never wear anything when I listen … Even if I’m driving.

    Or jogging.

    • And James, if you keep feeding the Welshman he’ll never leave!

  4. You guys may be interested to read John K.’s thoughts on Song of the South: here.

  5. It’s probably a bit unfair to single out Disney child actors as I don’t think Disney was ever known as an actors company. How many really good live action performances were there in Disney’s history? I’ll spot you Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins as a start.

    • To be fair to the child actors they weren’t the only ones who were terrible in the film. Outside of James Baskett everyone else is pretty much uni-formally brutal. And even Baskett’s performance comes across as highly dated. There’s a lot to like about Song of the South, but unfortunately the acting is one of the things that drags it down the most.

      And I think Viridiana is something you’ll highly enjoy Robert. Just a really terrific and smart bit of filmmaking that happens to be incredibly entertaining to boot.

  6. What can I say? … I’m a sucker for those coldies.

  7. You guys need to check out some nunsplotation films or Nazi horror.

    • Any recommendations? I’ve got The Gestapo’s Last Orgy in my Netflix queue.

  8. The Devils, while not technically nunsplotation, features some highly exploitive scenes with crazy ass nuns. Plus it’s a fantastic film.

    The Keep is a good but very flawed Nazi horror. Shock Waves is pretty great. Oasis of the Zombies. The Bunker. Deathship.

    • Thanks for the recommendations. I was able to find all but Deathship to add to my Netflix queue. Oasis of the Zombies looks especially promising. 🙂

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