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High and Low (Brow) – Episode 3.1 – Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Posted on Jun 18, 2011 by | 12 comments

And we’re back! James and I have taken a few months off to rest and relax from what we both felt was a pretty good second series for High and Low (Brow) and we have triumphantly returned with a fair share of rust for the Series Three premiere. But then, if this show ran smoothly I don’t think we’d have a tenth of the viewers we have.

In this episode we gently tackle the theme of Revenge by watching the 1955 sci-fi B-movie The Creature with the Atom Brain as well as the Japanese samurai grindhouse film Sword of Vengeance, which is based on the iconic manga Lone Wolf and Cub. Will we like them? Will we hate them? Will we spend more time discussing James’ penchant for lying for his own amusement? Perhaps all three and more, as we of course also engage in our blind selection process to find the theme and films for the next episode, which was thankfully provided by one of our regular listeners.

I went back to posting the episode as just a simple mp3, primarily because it was taking me forever to do the post production for this episode and I really just didn’t feel up to investing the extra time to get the show posted. I should be going back to mp4 after this unless people really make a stink about keeping them as mp3’s.

If you have any recommendations for films we could watch for the podcast, or want to suggest a potential theme for us to use, or simply want to tell James how awesome he is, feel free to email us and tell us your ideas. If you enjoy the show make sure to subscribe through iTunes or our RSS feed so you can catch every new episode. Also, please friend James on Facebook. Because it will frighten and confuse him. And while you’re there be sure to join our relatively new Facebook group devoted to Where the Long Tail Ends.

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As always, thanks for listening!

Opening Theme โ€“ Adonai by Ennio Morricone
Closing Music โ€“ You Must Be Out of Your Mind by The Magnetic Fields

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Matt Gamble
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  1. Some clarification: Anne lives in Springfield, her sister Jane (who also writes for Frothy) and Shannon (who writes for FilmJunk and runs Frothy) live in Kansas City. For the record, her brother and my sister Sara (also Frothy contributors) live in Portland. I’m her cousin, in Chicago, and trying to launch an Almirall (also, pronounced “El-muhrr-el”) podcast that, ideally, will allow us to conquer the Internet-film-podcasting world.

    Most importantly, Kurt also pronounces “put” as “putt,” which is really messed up.

  2. Oh my, Nat. I was just going to say, “Thanks.”

    Matt and James, you guys are awesome and I thank you.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up. Now that I know where all of you live, I expect a dinner invitation shortly. ๐Ÿ™‚ An all-Almirall film podcast would certainly conquer the podcasting world.

  4. Also, @ Nat, thanks for your kind words on our iTunes store page!

  5. @James: If you ever make it to Chicago, sure. I don’t think I’ll be in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota anytime soon.

    @Anne: Almirallcast! Almirallcast! Almirallcast! It’d be worth it simply to get Bob and Ray talking back and forth. About anything.

  6. @Nat: Almirallcastic. Can I bring my stuffed gorilla alter ego, Anna?

    • Sure, but keep her away from my fez and cigarettes. I don’t want a repeat of last time, plus I’m running low on Kent-State-Brand Tranquilizers.

  7. Great to have ya back lads,

    1. Honestly – I wasn’t lying, I posted about three times in 24hrs a lil’ while back and none of em showed … If I’m lying then I’m a Welshman.

    2. Do we ever get to hear the Grandpa story?

    3. Have you kicked James out Matt? Even tho’ he’s constantly showering you with gifts? Eggs here .. Eggs there.

    4. Still one of the bast podcasts out there … Sorry .. I mean “best” … Why do I always type that wrong??

  8. @ Mahoney –

    1. I’m glad that I represented your claim on the podcast. I dunno what went wrong with the website… probably Matt will know.

    2. The Grandpa story is a very tasteless joke I get a kick out of telling. Against my better judgment (and because you asked…) I’ll tell it here. It goes like this:

    ME: “Hey, did you know that my granpda died in a concentration camp?”

    ANONYMOUS INTERLOCUTOR: “Really? That’s terrible.”

    ME: “Yes. He fell out of a guard tower.”

    The humor in this is that all of my relatives were safely stateside during WWII, because most of us moved here from Ireland when it ran out of potatoes.

    3. Matt didn’t kick me out. ๐Ÿ™‚ I moved in with my parents. Again.

    4. Thanks for your sapport!

  9. Haha .. Brilliant .. My grandfather went the same way.

  10. On this episode, James says a name of a movie title (Time code – 1:00:20) and I can’t decipher it even after replaying it 10 times! Great show, btw!

  11. Sorry about that, Arnold. I checked out the show at the time that you indicated, and I think I was just stammering or something. The only movie that I mentioned around that time was ‘Quatermass and the Pit.’

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