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High and Low (Brow) – Episode 3 – When Animals Attack

Posted on Jul 4, 2009 by | 3 comments


Once again James and I sit down to discuss films both old and new, now with TWO working microphones! We dive head first into discussing MOON after our gag order has finally been lifted, let it be known that we get into pretty heavy spoilers, so much so that I will actually be including show notes for this episode to help people that wish to avoid them as best I can.

In this episode you also get to hear about James’ new coworkers picking a peck of pickled … ummm … well you’ll hear for yourself. And of course we cover our theme for this episode, When Animals Attack! We watched Link and Long Weekend, and with such a seemingly low brow sub-genre, it will be interesting to see if either of these films aspire to be anything more then schlocky scare fests that appeal to the lowest common denominator.

And of course at the end of the show we once again subject James to the selection gauntlet. What will be next episodes theme? And will James finally pick a movie that I want to watch?

Be sure to leave any comments about this episode below. If you have films you’d like us to consider, or have a great idea for a theme for a future episode, feel free to email us inbox at wherethelongtailends dot com.

Thanks and hope you enjoy the show!

Show Notes
0:00 – Lions
2:35 – Introductions
12:10 – James opens a can of pickles
14:10 – MOON review
37:15 – When Animals Attack!
39:00 – Link
64:00 – Long Weekend
83:40 – Next episodes theme and film selection


Matt Gamble
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  1. Seems like you’re really getting the hang of this in a hurry. James needs to speak up or get a better microphone though.

    • Agreed. James is a very soft-talker, and getting him to speak up is proving rather difficult. He’ll be fine for sections, then fall back into old habits. Hopefully that improves as well over the next few episodes.

  2. Yes agreed. Getting better in the sound department. I wish that I have seen the movies you guys are talking about. That’s my fault though not yours.

    Surprisingly I knew four of the five plots you gave as choices. I have to say, despite your guys’ negative opinion, I’m really looking forward to the talk on “Talk to Her” next month. Almodovar is in my top three of living directors. Not sure why you guys write him off so quickly. And “comas” is an awesome (and unique) theme. Should be fun.

    Sorry you won’t be at the theater anymore James. Maybe I’ll catch you elsewhere.

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