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High and Low (Brow) – Episode 4 – Comas

Posted on Jul 26, 2009 by | 4 comments


Well before I disappeared last week to go visit The Fam in the land that is round on the outside and high in the middle, James and I sat down to record the latest episode of our podcast High and Low (Brow). This episode the theme is Comas, meaning in each film at least one major character had to be in a coma at some point. The films we reviewed for this episode, The Mind of Mr Soames, a relatively unknown and very hard to find 70’s science fiction film starring Terrance Stamp, and Pedro Almodovar’s Talk to Her. Will we like them? Hate them? Or will we somehow get stuck discussing giant vaginas and public masturbation for far more time then is necessary. I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Make sure to stick to the end, where James and I select the theme and films for the next episode, which hopefully will be just as enjoyable and disturbing as this one. Did I mention in this episode I read poetry?

Make no mistake, this is a very special episode of High and Low (Brow).

Thanks for listening, and be sure to leave your comments. And if you have any ideas for films or themes for future episodes, or simply want to berate us in private, be sure to email us at inbox at wherethelongtailends dot com. We appreciate any and all feedback.



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  1. Wow. I seem to have forgotten a lot about “Talk to Her” since I saw it theatrically back in 02 or 03. But I remember loving the shit out of it. Totally forgot about the giant vagina until you guys mentioned it. Matt, if you like the style and directing, but didn’t really like the story, I recommend “All About My Mother” and I assume you’ve already seen “Volver.” But those stories are a little bit more “gripping” for lack of a better word.

    That second movie sounds fascinating. Why the hell isn’t a Terrence Stamp movie available on DVD? Not even VHS? Wtf!? It sounds really great and it sounds like whoever wrote the story really got into minutiae of what it might be like if this ever were to really happen.

    Great show. Sounds like you finally got the sound problems worked out.

  2. Yeah, “All About My Mother” is definitely a solid recommendation. Maybe Almodovar’s best.

  3. Enjoyed the TALK TO HER conversation, and am certainly intrigued with the Terrance Stamp/Robert Vaugn flick.

    Scarecrow is a pretty solid (and very overlooked) buddy-buddy road trip (way more drama than comedy).

    And good call on the Hammer Horror flick, I’ve not seen that one, but will look it up. I love watching Cushing and Lee in those films. On the Showdown in Little Tokyo, its much inferior to Brandon Lee’s other film Laser Mission (which isn’t great either), and come to think of it, his performance in The Crow ain’t all that great either. But I do like me come Lundgren Cheese. Good for a lark.

  4. If you guys can find it I highly recommend watching The Mind of Mr Soames. It really is a terrific little film.

    I’m ignoring your Crow comments Halfyard.


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