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High and Low (Brow) – Episode 5 – Dynamic Duos

Posted on Aug 8, 2009 by | 3 comments

highlowbrow-podcast-logo-copyOur first milestone has been reached here at Where the Long Tail Ends, we have completed 5 episodes. When I initially decided I wanted to do a podcast earlier this yer, my goal was to complete four episodes by the end of the year and now James and I have shot by the lofty goal with over four months left in the year. I doubt we will keep this pace up, nor do I want too, but if we can finish three more by the end of the year I’ll be very satisfied. Hopefully you will as well.

In this episode our theme is Dynamic Duos, and we focus on two very different films. The first is the martial arts action film Showdown in Little Tokyo, with the starring duo of Brandon Lee and Dolph Lundgren squaring off in the celluloid circle. The second is the lesser known Spanish produced horror film Horror Express, which stars the famous Hammer horror film duo Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing as dueling anthropologists on a Trans-Siberian train that harbors a nasty secret. Will we like either? Will we agree to disagree? Will James invite his own brother to share his bed with him? Find out on our latest episode of High and Low (Brow).

As always, if you have any feedback, suggestions for themes or films for us to watch feel free to email us. If you like the show please feel free to subscribe to us on iTunes or simply follow our RSS feed here for updates. Also you can follow me on Twitter by simply clicking the logo up in the righthand corner. One of these days I’ll finally convince James to join Twitter, and then the real fun will begin. Until then I hope you enjoy the show and thanks for listening.

Show Notes
0:00 – The Donger
2:30 – John Hughes Memorial
8:25 – Showdown in Little Tokyo
29:25 – Horror Express
54:25 – James reviews Cantankerous
1:03:25 – James and the Giant Bed
1:09:45 – The Selection Show
1:30:20 – Final Thoughts



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  1. How is it possible that I’ve never heard of Horror Express before?

    I’m definitely showing this on Halloween. My friends have requested a Hammer Films night, and I’m going to sneak this in.

  2. You and your friends are in for a treat. Make sure to save this film for the finale, it deserves it. Its narrative structure will really help it finish off a marathon, as it raises its game with each act, and becomes more ridiculous and more enjoyable with each successive act. It really is a terrific and inspired film.

  3. Will remember that.

    Still figuring out how to organize the films. Ideally, I’d like to hit Dracula and Baron Frankenstein, something a little less well known like Curse of the Werewolf or The Mummy, something that hits Hammer’s “satanic” sub-set, The Devil Rides Out perhaps, and finish it off with Horror Express, but that’s just too much. Heck, I’d like to fit in one of the Quatermass films. Decisions, decisions.

    Next year, I’m thinking Jacques Tourneour. Mainly because I want an excuse for Curse of the Demon.

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