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High and Low (Brow) – Episode 6 – Coast to Coast

Posted on Sep 27, 2009 by | 8 comments

highlowbrow-podcast-logo-copyAnd we’re back! It’s been a month off and it seems like we somehow were able to pick up where we left off. This episode’s theme is Coast to Coast, based on the well known and otherwordly AM radio show of the same name that deals with UFO’s, ESP, Cryptozology and any other strange phenomena.

Following that premise we have watched two films, the Dutch film Häxan (1922), which focuses on occultism and witchcraft, and the obscure documentary Mysteries From Beyond Earth (1978), which covers pretty much everything. Considering James is a fan of the show and I am not, this could make for an interesting episode.

Rounding out the show we have our selection process, and thanks to Robert for sending in the recommendation for next episode’s theme. If you have any recommendations for films we could watch for the podcast, or want to suggest a potential theme for us to use, feel free to email us and tell us your ideas. If you enjoy the show make sure to subscribe through iTunes or our RSS feed so you can catch every new episode. Also, please friend James on Facebook. Because it will frighten and confuse him.

Thanks for listening!

Intro music – Frizzle Fry by Primus
Outro music – Lovecraft in Brooklyn by The Mountain Goats

Want to watch Mysteries From Beyond Earth? Its streaming online here.



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  1. I’m surprised you could resist the silent Call of Cthulhu from the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society after Haxan. FWIW, it’s surprisingly solid.

    I haven’t seen all of Dagon, but I skimmed by it on tv one afternoon and it seemed surprisingly decent and faithful. Of course, a few minutes out of a whole can be deceptive.

    Looking forward to the Lovecraft podcast, although he’s notoriously difficult to make work on film.

  2. Thanks for checking us out, guys. I am looking forward to our Lovecraft themed episode.

  3. I’ll have to check out Call of Cthulhu as well Robert. But as much as I enjoy silent films, I just don’t like watching several of them in a row.

    I’d like to think Dagon would at least be decent, as I have huge faith in Stewart Gordon, but I know Dagon wasn’t well received by critics, audiences or even Gordon fans which has me a bit wary. I’ll get to it at some point, as Gordon is one of the directors that I want to watch his complete filmography.

    That he is, and I think your idea of picking films that are influenced by him would probably result in much better films for us to watch, but it seemed rather fitting after this episode and what with Halloween coming up that watching movies that are adaptations being a better way to go at this time. Hopefully the two we picked end up being good adaptations.

    As always, thanks for listening.

  4. I think I’ve seen Mysteries from Beyond Earth back in the late 70s on the local UHF station. Even back then, pre-teen me could identify that as an enormous P.O.S.

    Haxan has been added to my Netflix queue. It generally gets some theatrical play around Halloween, so that’s also a possibility.

    I thought it was a nice jumping off point for the conversation this month. You guys really didn’t talk much about Mysteries from Beyond Earth itself, but had an interesting conversation nonetheless. Good job.

  5. have been waiting for this one for some good CtoC bashing. Used to work at a refinery as a temp around 5 years ago, and because its shift work, everyone is up late listening to the radio trying to stay awake, so around half of the workers of this place were conspiracy theorists, explaining how the Ramsey case was a distraction from the reptilians, and that you know its true because when you take the first four letters of “Ramsey”, they can rearrange to spell “Mars”, and that has 4 letters and 4 is the number of death, and so on. No exaggeration on that particular tidbit, it happened.

  6. … it is also true that if you count the number of letters in the name ‘Goon,’ that number is four. 🙂 Just kidding….

    I must admit that this whole experience has caused me to be a bit less patient with some of the things that I hear on Coast to Coast. I won’t stop listening anytime soon, but I’ll be a bit more skeptical when something of the caliber of the Ramsey case conspiracy comes along.

    Thanks for listening.

  7. Watched Haxan the other night and had a hard time getting through it. Not because of the subject matter or the style of the film, but because it was SOOO SLOOOW. And I don’t mean tonally or thematically. I mean it took fucking forever to get through the subtitles. I would read a sentence and then stare at it for another 10 seconds before it moved on to the next sentence. It was really annoying and took me out of the movie quite a bit. I actually tried watching it at 2x speed, but when I did that the subs disappeared altogether. I decided in the end to just go ahead and watch it that way with no subs and just get through the movie. Hence, I didn’t enjoy it properly and can’t really comment.

    Having said that, I really liked the first chapter that was like an early documentary.


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