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High and Low (Brow) – Series 3 Episode 4 – 3… 2…1…Comment!

Posted on Dec 19, 2011 by | 13 comments

And we’re back! James and I have once again taken a bit of an extended break, but I must admit its al my fault. Thankfully, I have a few legitimate excuses, they being my badly spraining my knee and ankle in early November, followed by the death of my grandfather Rufus, whose funeral I attended over the Thanksgiving holiday. But now that I’m finally on the mend we were able to sit down and finally record a new episode of High and Low (Brow).

Speaking of new episodes, in this one we shift our primary focus and watch a pair of commentary tracks as well as the films that spawned them. First up is the 90’s comedy cult classic, PCU, starring Jeremy Piven, David Spade, Jon Favreau and a cast of thousands. The commentary track is a solo one from the film’s primary star, Jeremy Piven, but what makes it interesting is that Piven spends the bulk of the films 80 minute running time complaining about the director and how much he could have improved the film if he was just allowed to run the whole thing himself. Following that, we revisit a classic from our collective youth, Conan the Barbarian, starring the incomparable Arnold Schwarzenegger. This commentary track is provided by Arnold and the film’s director, John Milius, and I think it is quite safe to say that you won’t ever hear anything like it. After that, make sure to stick around for our blind selection process, as we figure out which theme and films we ill be watching next week, compliments of James.

If you have any recommendations for films we could watch for the podcast, or want to suggest a potential theme for us to use, or simply want to tell James how awesome he is, feel free to email us and tell us your ideas. If you enjoy the show make sure to subscribe through iTunes or our RSS feed so you can catch every new episode. Also, please friend James on Facebook. Because it will frighten and confuse him. And while you’re there be sure to join our relatively new Facebook group devoted to Where the Long Tail Ends.

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As always, thanks for listening!

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  1. Curse of the Crimson Altar is the Lovecraft movie that eludes James in this episode.

    I consider it slander to suggest I sent it.

  2. Ha ha… Sorry, Robert! I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of that movie. I only thought of you because of the Lovecraft connection.

  3. Good to have you guys back. It was indeed my good (handsome/talented) self that suggested Chinstroker pod, and I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Cannot wait for the “Pop culture Guru” and next year’s shows.

  4. Yeah, Mahoney — I’m looking forward to the “Pop Culture Guru” segments, too. I hope they live up to the hype(?). 🙂

  5. You should have us, the faithful listeners send things in for you to review.

    iPads, Kindles, industrial strength dildos (with detachable heads), 8-Ball gags, leather chaps. etc…. The segment writes itself!!

    Or we could biologically engineer fictional celluloid creatures and send em in – “James Gillham’s HOW TO HOUSE-TRAIN YOUR XENOMORPH”.

    “Gillham’s Guide to washing your Mogwai”

    • “Gillham’s Guide to washing your Mogwai”

      Jesus, if James ever gets over his fear of the camera I know Cheel would be all over this idea in two seconds flat. Soon Reed Farrington would be kneeling before Gillham!

  6. A little late to the party, but great episode, guys! Any estimate on when you plan to record the next one?

  7. Hey Kasper – Matt and I are going to try to record an episode of Spoiler Alert about the new Ti West film, The Innkeepers. I think it should be in the next week or two, depending on when we can arrange to get together.

    • Yeah, I’m hoping it will work out that we can get our schedules aligned by the end of next week for a Spoiler Alert! and then aim for a new HLB by the end of the month.

  8. “Soon Reed Farrington would be kneeling before Gillham!”

    Are we getting any closer to the long-promised Gillham/Farrington episode?

    Part of me believes that it could be the greatest podcast of all time … But I also genuinely fear it would be like introducing the Keymaster to the GateKeeper.

    Quite apt, considering this crossover idea has had roughly the same gestation period as Ghostbusters 3.

    • Jay and I talked about it when he was in town, and I can pretty safely say that he and I, along with James, all seem pretty on board with the idea. Which makes Reed our Bill Murray.

  9. Woah, a new Spoiler Alert! AND a new High and Low Brow? Christmas has come early.

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