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High and Low (Brow) – Series 4 Ep 5 – Southern Comforts

Posted on Apr 11, 2013 by | 15 comments

southern comfort

High and Low (Brow)

And we’re back! So far we are keeping up on this once a month pace of the show, though all the pre-recorded segments really made editing this together a pain in the ass and delayed posting this by a few days. I have no one to blame but James for that. That all being said, this episode is jam packed with all sorts of things that have nothing to do with movies.

First, James introduces his newest segment, Matt Gamble: Conscious Consumer, in which he asks me why I do the things that I do. Or something like that. All I know is I was forced to eat my first ever White Castle “hamburger” on this episode, and the ensuing results were explosive.

But besides that James and I actually get around to the main point of this episode of High and Low (Brow), that is examining this episodes theme, Southern Comforts. Now this theme covers a subset of exploitation films that are primarily set it the backwoods of the Deep South, which have been affectionately referred to as Hixploitation films. For this episode we review two films, the first of which is the relatively well known and respected film Southern Comfort, of which I drew the title for this episodes theme. The second is a far lesser known and regarded film known by such names as Black Vengeance, The Girl in The Web, The Victim, Redneck County, Redneck County Rape or Heartbreak Motel. But we only know it as Poor Pretty Eddie. These end up being two wild and strange tales, and maybe, just maybe, we found something about them we could agree upon.

Besides that, the results of the poll for which film we will record a commentary track are announced, and we hope that this proves to be a fun way for you to give back to us without us having to guilt you into it. Also, we just received word that we’ve been added to Stitcher Radio, so for those of you using an iPhone or an Android phone please feel free to check out our show that way as well.

If you have any recommendations for films we could watch for High and Low (Brow), or want to suggest a potential theme for us to use, or simply want to tell James how awesome he is, feel free to email us and tell us your ideas. If you enjoy the show make sure to subscribe through any of the feeds in the right hand column so you can catch every new episode. Also, please friend James on Facebook, Letterboxd and his second attempt at Twitter. Because it will frighten and confuse him. And while you’re there be sure to join our relatively new Facebook group devoted to Where the Long Tail Ends.

One more thing, if you enjoy the show feel free to donate to it through PayPal in either a single installment or as a recurring donor. We’ve done some upgrading to our equipment in recent months, and every little bit helps as we continue to try ans stay ahead of the curve.

And, as always, thanks for listening!

Opening Theme – Adonai by Ennio Morricone
Closing Music – Hello Villag by Failotron

High and Low (Brow) - Southern Comforts [ 1:33:28 | 42.81 MB ] Download


Matt Gamble
I review movies. I run a movie theatre. I annoy people. I let my dogs lick my face whenever they want. Sometimes I'm even a halfway decent human.
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  1. Great episode. I loved the Whitecastle segment, though it was slightly annoying when there’s someone talking off mic and you can hear them, but not really understand what they’re saying. Get the missus on the mic or shove her out of the room, Matt! 😉

    • Thanks for checking us out, Kasper! I suppose I should be the one who finally coughs up the dough to get a third microphone since Matt foots the bill for show technology-wise. We’ll have one sooner or later. 🙂

      • I’ve just gotten back to the show after a long hiatus, as I actually thought you had completely stopped doing it. It’s awesome that’s not the case – High and Low (Brow) is my third favorite podcast, only surpassed by Film Junk and Game Junk. But then again that’s some tough guys to beat 😀

        • Sorry to have disappeared for a while. We are trying to stick to a monthly schedule now, recording during the first week of each month. I think we’ll be able to stick to it.

          Thanks for the kind words — Film Junk is tops in my book, so pulling up only a couple places behind them is in anyone’s book is an honor.

  2. Can’t download in iTunes. Sort it out you crazy kids.

    • It’s working for me. Maybe we’ve just been banned in Wales?

      • Yeah, I haven’t been able to download this episode or your twilight commentary from the podcast app either. I’ve had to use the mixcloud app which sucks.

        You’re not banned from California, are you?

  3. Have not been able to download this episode or the Twilight commentary either. I’m in Sweden.

    • It seems to be the Podcast App where I’m having the issues as going through iTunes seems to work. Been trying to work on this for some time and nothing seems to be working.

      At this point I think I’m leaning towards just scrapping the audio RSS feed on the site and do all podcasts through a separate host. I think in the long run that will be the easiest to do and should hopefully resolve everything pretty quickly.

      Sorry for the delay on all this, hopefully I’ll have it fixed by the weekend.

      • Thanks for the response. Yeah, that podcast app is pretty much crap.

        Hope you get it to work soon, I want to catch up with your podcast (even if it means I have to endure Twilight – again).

        By the way, I really want to thank you for the hours of entertainment you and James are providing (as well as Angela – love those Cabin in the Woods podcasts!).

  4. I’ve also tried to have download links on each of the individual posts in case a first world problem like this happened.

    Don’t totally blame the app, my audio feed is driving me nuts right now and so far every solution I’ve thrown at it has only seemed to make the issue worse. It’s frustrating for me, so I’m sure it’s frustrating for everyone else as well.

    In other news, thanks for the feedback on the shows, we love doing them as they are easily the fun part of having a site like this. And thanks for reminding me that I need to drag Angela through the mud again sometime soon. I’ve already decided we’ll do one for The Conjuring, but I’d like to get a show up before that comes out.

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