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High & Low Brow – Technology Gone Awry

Posted on Jul 3, 2019 by | 0 comments

Technology Gone Awry

And we’re back!

Ah yes, the inevitable late return of your favorite niche podcast, High and Low Brow as we bring to you our latest episode, Technology Gone Awry. It’s been some months since last we posted, but that’s only because I’ve been busy. You see, I wrote a book. Well, the first draft of a book, but written it is. Now that I finished that I finally had some time for my man-crush James and we sat down and recorded a new episode. Spoiler alert, we actually recorded this months ago, so some of the references and topics might seem a little dated. but it will all pay off as the next episode is already recorded and will be out much sooner than you could possibly imagine

Technology Gone Awry

In this episode of High & Low Brow, James and I explore the theme of Technology Gone Awry, or what some might call Amazon Prime 1-day shipping. We watch and discuss two films, Brainstorm and HighRise, that take very different approaches to how technology can affect the world, and tap into some of humanities worst desires. Of course it takes us an hour before we even get to the meat of the show, but we were a little rusty. We needed to work out some kinks.

Ya welcome!

That’s not all

That’s right, we have another episode coming next week. This time we’ll even post it on time. I know this because we already recorded it. It’s just sitting on my desktop, begging me to finish post-production on it. The weird thing is, I can’t wait to do it! Probably because we talk about one of the most insane movies I have ever seen, and for once I’m not being hyperbolic.

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If you have any recommendations for films we could watch for High and Low (Brow), want to suggest a potential theme for us to use, or simply want to tell James how awesome he is, feel free to email us. If you enjoy the show please subscribe so you will never miss an episode. Oh yeah, maybe while you’re surfing be sure to join our Facebook group devoted to Where the Long Tail Ends or follow me on Twitter.

One slight tweak, we are considering adding a Patreon for the show so if there is something you’d be interested in as part of donating to that please just let us know as we are starved for ideas.

And, as always, thanks for listening!

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