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Jittering with James – Jay Cheel @ Flyway Film Festival

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 by | 4 comments

And James is back! Once again James has descended upon the small towns of Pepin and Stockholm Wisconsin to attend the 2012 Flyway Film Festival. This time James brings his considerable talent to bear on one Jay Cheel, best known as a documentary filmmaker, lothario and professional idiot on the Film Junk podcast.

James makes sure to probe Jay on questions ranging from his next film, the cult of Reed Farrington that is quickly growing at the Flyway Film Festival and Jay’s love of male assholes. What does human anatomy have to do with Time Travel? Only James Gillham can weave the fabric of these stories together even as Jay tries to sabotage the entire thing at every turn. Or it might not be anything like that at all.

This is James’ final interview from the Flyway Film Festival, and I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. Please be sure to drop by and leave a comment, as I am hoping that the feedback can help encourage James to do more of these. As always, thanks for listening!

Oh yeah, and maybe check out some of Jay’s work. Like he needs the help.

Jay Cheel – (Facebook)
Jay Cheel (Vimeo)


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  1. Great interview James. Can’t wait to see Jay’s new film.

    • Thanks, Cody. I think Jay said that he was going to put the new film up on Film Junk in the near future… perhaps in time for Halloween.

  2. Entertaining interview. Always great to hear about Reed!

    • Yeah, it is my dream to interview Reed at some future point. Maybe if he decides to visit for Flyway some year… although I doubt I will get time to interview him, because his adoring fans will be taking up all of his time.

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