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Jittering with James – Vincent Ethier & Phillipe Lupien @ Flyway Film Festival

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 by | 2 comments

And James is back! Once again James has descended upon the small towns of Pepin and Stockholm Wisconsin to attend the 2012 Flyway Film Festival. This time James sits down with French Candien Filmmakers Phillipe Lupien and Vincent Ethier of Lupeth Films who crafted the award winning short, Punchy and Toothpick. Phillipe and Vincent have actually made it down from Montreal once before, and Punch and Toothpick is there third film to be shown at the Flyway Film Festival.

But James has no interest in that, instead focusing his increasingly tough questions on what it was like to work with children, forcing them to kiss behind closed doors and having children play with drug addicts for their audiences amusement. The interview may be short and sweet, but it is still nothing short of awesome. Be sure to leave a comment for James on the interview, and even ask other questions of Phillipe and Vincent who may just randomly show up and respond in French. Be sure to check out their short film Le Diable en Personne, which is now streaming on Vimeo, it is truly outstanding and a joy to watch. And as always, thanks for listening!

Vincent Ethier (Facebook)
Phillipe Lupien (Facebook)
Lupeth Films (Website)
Lupeth Films (Vimeo)
Le Diable en Personne – (Now Streaming)


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  1. I am the grandmother of Pounchy. Thank you for the good words about kids in Pounchy and Toothpick. Because Pounchy speaks English and French, she was able to understand the interview and was proud of your comments.

    • Thanks for letting me know this. It makes me very happy to hear that she got a chance to listen to my little interview. The short was one of the most popular at the festival and everyone loved seeing the kids’ performances. It was a realy pleasure.

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