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Neil Gaiman’s The Price coming to a Kickstarter campaign near you

Posted on Nov 5, 2010 by | 0 comments

Fred the Unlucky Black Cat is my favorite of Neil Gaiman’s cats. I’m sure in large part it is because Neil tends to write about Fred the Unlucky Black Cat more than his other cats. Partially because Fred is unlucky, and partially because Neil doesn’t know much about him and seems rather fascinated about who Fred the Unlucky Black Cat is and just where he came from. So, several years ago Neil wrote a story about Fred the Unlucky Black Cat, called The Price (read it here), envisioning just that.

Actually, none of that is true, but it makes for a much better introduction.

Now, several years later, a filmmaker named Chris Salmon has taken inspiration from the story and is attempting to make a CGI film based on it. To date he’s already garnered support from Neil himself and now is hard at work trying to raise the money necessary to make the film by running a Kickstarter campaign. He’s asking for $150,000, which is the largest ever asked for on a Kickstarter campaign, though it is not the most amount of money ever raised during a Kickstarter campaign. To date he has raised just over $22,000 and he has 25 days left to go.

The Price is a wonderful little story, and the animatic made by Chris seems utterly fitting, making it easy for me not only to plug the Kickstarter campaign, but donate to it as well. This is a project made for fans, by a fan and I truly hope it becomes realized.


“The Price” Kickstarter project pitch from Christopher Salmon on Vimeo.

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