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Still Watching the Skies: Episode 23 “Forbidden Planet”

Posted on Jul 1, 2016 by | 0 comments

Nat, Cody, and Robert join up with the crew of the space cruiser C-57-D for a journey to the iconic FORBIDDEN PLANET this month. There’s a lot to discuss including Robbie the Robot, monsters from the id, 50s gender politics, 50s design sensibilities, Leslie Nielsen, Walter Pidgeon, electronic scores, Anne Francis, and weird home schooled children.


As you may guess, there’s a lot of love for FORBIDDEN PLANET on display. And with good reason from it’s obvious affection for science fiction stories of the time, to the way there’s no sign of Earth throughout the movie, to its sense of scale, and the great set piece that’s the monster from the id battle. It’s an influential classic for a reason.


There are nits to pick to be sure, stodgy direction among them, but for every nit there’s something great to cherish. And we talk about all of them.


We follow that with a What We Watched segment where we cover STRANGE DAYS, X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, THE LOBSTER, THE MATRIX RELOADED, A SCANNER DARKLY, and HIGH RISE.  As you can tell, it’s a full episode.

So don’t give in to those repressed desires, but instead give us a play below or Download the episode. Also, feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below or Email Us at [email protected] as we appreciate feedback.

Next month we go from outer space to cyberspace with the NEW ROSE HOTEL, based on a story by William Gibson. It at least promises us a shadowy run through the cyberpunk subgenre with Christopher Walken and William Defoe.


Robert Reineke
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