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Still Watching the Skies: Episode 31 “THX 1138”

Posted on Mar 7, 2017 by | 0 comments

Robert, Nat, and Cody are joined by Paul Hermann of the Marvel Studio News and Blaster Canon podcasts to discuss George Lucas’s first feature film THX 1138 and everything that led up to it.

George Lucas was part of the first film school generation at the University of Southern California. His big breakthrough was the award winning student film “Electronic Symphony THX 1138 4EB”. We take the time to discuss the film and evaluate George Lucas as an emerging talent.

Following the success of his student films, George Lucas was awarded a scholarship and worked an internship at Warner Bros. where he struck up a friendship with Francis Ford Coppola. The two would go on to form American Zoetrope together. In 1969, George Lucas shot THX 1138 as a co-production between American Zoetrope and Warner Bros and the film was released on March 11, 1971.

THX 1138 was met with little interest by the general public in 1971, but it turns out that we had a lot to say about it with discussions ranging from what kind of government was Lucas trying to describe, to auto-erotic CGI inserts, to preserving films as historical documents, to the common threads that run through George Lucas’s work. We discuss Lucas’s efforts to spiff up the original version and whether it’s successful or not. Also, Nat and Paul whip out George Lucas impersonations.

If that’s not enough, we discuss the current state of STAR WARS and where we see it going in the future. It’s practically an episode of Director’s Club.

STAR WARS fan or not, give us a play below or Download the episode. Also, feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below or Email Us at [email protected] as we appreciate feedback.

Next month, we take a trip to New Zealand in the 1980s and the post-apocalyptic vision of THE QUIET EARTH. Don’t get left behind for this one.


Robert Reineke
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