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Still Watching the Skies: Episode 65 “Planet of the Vampires”

Posted on Jan 19, 2020 by | 0 comments

Planet of the Vampires

Nat, Cody, and Robert start the new year with a look back at Mario Bava’s PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES. As a bonus, we also discuss our top ten films of 2019. Plus a surprise guest.

Planet of the Vampires

PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES was an international production originally entitled TERRORE NELLO SPAZIO which translates as Terror in Space. In many ways, it can be considered the first pure horror movie set in space. Regardless of whether there are actual vampires in the film.

Mario Bava’s film came out in 1965 with a more lurid title for English speaking audiences of PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES. In particular, it’s been cited as an influence on ALIEN, without any real evidence that anyone in the crew had seen it. But, in transposing a Gothic sensibility to space, the two films definitely have some similarities. And some radical differences too.

Planet of the Vampires

The screenplay of PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES, in particular, comes under fire in this episode. But, if we question the foundations of the story, there’s at least several memorable sequences such as a bunch of dead crew members resurrecting from a grave and an exploration of a derelict ship.

Planet of the Vampires

However, Mario Bava is always an interesting director to watch, regardless of the ultimate success of his films. PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES is kind of creating a genre, the space horror film, on the fly.

Planet of the Vampires

If that’s not enough, Nat, Cody, and Robert run down their top 10 films of 2019. Feel free to take notes.

You’re not going to need to acquire a meteor deflector to listen to this episode. You can give us a play below or Download the episode. Also, feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below or Email Us at [email protected] as we appreciate feedback.

Time tracks:

PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES Discussion: 0:00 to 0:40:49

Top 10 of 2019: 0:40:49 to 2:01:12

Next Film and Outro: 2:01:12 to End

Next month, we check out a worldwide blockbuster that received little attention in the United States with China’s THE WANDERING EARTH. We hope you’ll join us.

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