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Still Watching the Skies: Episode 79 “Dune (1984)”

Posted on Mar 20, 2021 by | 0 comments

Dune (1984)

DUNE (1984) brings Robert, Nat, and Cody to David Lynch’s one attempt at blockbuster filmmaking. Plus, we continue on to part 4 of the countdown of our 50 favorite films of all time.

DUNE has been a Holy Grail, or perhaps Moby Dick, for a number of filmmakers since the publication of Frank Herbert’s novel in 1965. The most famous failed attempt being Alejandro Jodorowsky’s. The scattered remains of Jodorowsky’s DUNE found their ways into STAR WARS and ALIEN, changing blockbuster cinema in ways still being felt today. Ridley Scott was attached for awhile, but ultimately David Lynch succeeded in bring a version to the big screen.

Dune (1984)

Albeit, succeeded may be a relative term. DUNE (1984) wasn’t a success at the box office or with critics in 1984. David Lynch has never expressed any satisfaction with the final product. David Lynch ran far away from blockbuster filmmaking after DUNE (1984) and had a spectacularly successful career making the experimental art films that George Lucas always claimed he wanted to make, so there are silver linings here. But, Lynch’s film is memorable visually and deeply weird.

Dune (1984)

Needless to say that there’s a lot to discuss in a David Lynch film. For instance, what drew Lynch to the material? Where are his strength’s expressed? And where are his weaknesses exposed? Also, what’s up with the pugs?

Dune (1984)

Also, we debate Kyle MacLachlan’s ability to lead a blockbuster of this size. And talk a little about the legacy of the film.

Also, DUNE (1984) is clearly cut down from its intended length. There’s no true David Lynch longer cut of the film, but we do discuss the “Spice Diver” fan edit.

As bonus content, we continue our countdown of our favorite 50 movies of all time. This month we cover our favorites from #20 to #11. Certainly some surprises, but hopefully a bunch of films to put on your watch list.

You don’t need to ingest mind altering spice to experience this episode. You can give us a play below or Download the episode. Also, feel free to let us know what you think by commenting below or Email Us at [email protected] as we appreciate feedback.

Time Tracks:
DUNE (1984): 0:00 to 50:20
TOP 50 LISTS, 20 to 11: 50:20 to 2:05:21
NEXT FILM : 2:05:21 to End

Next month, we return to the world of Afrofuturism with Les Saignantes. It should be an interesting expansion of all of our horizons. We hope you’ll join us.

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