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The Star Wars Fan Interview – Episode I

Posted on Dec 7, 2015 by | 7 comments

A wise man once said, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is to have Matt talk about Star Wars for three hours.” And thus begins James Gillham’s journey into the heart of the All Pig, the Star Wars Universe, and the love the fans of the universe have for it. This endeavor is entirely conceived by James and it was a pleasure taking part in it.

Now, I’d go more into this but really there isn’t much to say, as this interview is 3 hours of discussion almost entirely on Star Wars. The good news is you can never have this time back, the better news is we’ve already setup our second interview so we can all repeat this joyous occasion just a few days from now.

And so, dear listeners, thanks for your time and the use of your ear holes,  and we hope you enjoy!


The Star Wars Fan Interview – Episode I  [ 2:59:10 | 164.17 MB ] Download

Matt Gamble
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  1. Long live Jimmy the Sneak!

    • Thanks, Nat. I like Jimmy the Sneak… hope you like this little episode. Andrew James will be joining Matt and me tomorrow afternoon for another episode. Then, who knows who’s next?

      • You boys need to get into the LucasArts games — Tie Fighter, Rebel Assault, Dark Forces, possibly the adventure games, and Knights of the Old Republic RPGs. Best parts of the Ecpanded Universe!

        • We went into them a little with Andrew, but James threw a yellow card right a way. I could go on about Star Wars video games for some time, as I’ve played almost all of them, and beat quite a few. They are a pretty fun part of the EU, even if The Shark seems to think otherwise.

          • I heard — and I do recall that for a large portion of the ’90s, this was the SW experience for a lot of us — TIE Fighter especially. And the KOTOR games were also a great consolation for the lousiness of the prequels — KOTOR II had an exceptional story built around mocking the force — kind of like the scene in Gremlins II where everyone makes fun of the rules but extended all throughout the game.

    • You’re too kind, MAHONEY. I hope this one lives up to your expectations. It’s been in the oven for a while.

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