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The Star Wars Fan Interview – Episode II

Posted on Dec 10, 2015 by | 10 comments

star wars

Here we are, back for another episode of The Star Wars Fan Interview. Conceived entirely from the mind of one Jimmy “The Shark” Gillham, The Star Wars Fan interview this time turns its focus onto one Andrew James from Row Three. This time it’s a three headed affair, as I join in to help moderate the discussion. We’ll keep this intro short and sweet, as their isn’t much to say, this is simply two hours of Andrew James talking about his Star Wars fandom over the years. then at that point we hope to branch out a bit more

We’re hoping to squeeze in at least one more interview before the new film comes out, and then from there who knows what possibilities will present them to us. We hope you enjoy listening, because we’re having fun making them.


The Star Wars Fan Interview – Episode II  [ 2:05:02 | 114.61 MB ] Download

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  1. Loved these two shows.

    A lot of fun to listen to.

    I was born around the same time as you guys, as such I was predictably shaped by all things SW (one of my earliest memories was drawing Han Solo, like a boss of course, I was incredibly talented even then, not to mention bulls-eyeing womp rats in my T-16 – we drive them on the left-hand side here though) … I even watched Caravan Of Courage at the cinema (they were released theatrically in the UK).

    Having said that, I have ZERO interest in the EU (old or new) but it was cool hearing you guys get a little heated up about it.

    And similar to you ladies I went through the three stages of grief with the prequel trilogy, realising that ultimately, at best, they’re patchy-occasionally fun movies that in no way deliver on the promise of the originals.

    And Sith is my fave.

    As for the future, Force Awakens looks great so far, but I fear Big Matt’s prediction of Disney ultimately diluting the property in a ridiculously-viciously-homeopathic way, that all we have left is the tears of a Rancor Keeper.


    thanks again for all the free hours of entertainment (and well done Jimmy The Shark with the hosting duties on these – you did a great job).

    Give my best to Angela and James (I know you won’t) have a great Xmas and please look into getting a new WP theme for the site… It’s broken in Chrome and I have to go down below the fold to see content.



    • To fix the white space you’ll need to reset your browser zoom to 100%. For windows do Ctrl + 0 (zero) and for Mac do Cmd + 0 (zero).

      Let me know if that doesn’t fix it.

  2. Yup, my bad. Sorted.

    You guys watched Star Wars yet? Did James go?

    • I may have performed a tech check on our print.

      Right now we are scheduled to watch it with my nephews on 12/23 when they are in town and we’re going to try and record an interview with them after we watch it.

    • BTW, does that change your opinion on the theme at all? Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Hey MAHONEY – Saw it Wednesday. My mind is blown. I cannot remember a time that I enjoyed going to the movies as much as this… at least as a grown-up. Matt and I recorded an interview with his young nephews afterwards to hear what they thought of the film.

      Here’s mine, ranked from best to worst — V, VII, IV, VI, III, II, I. Of course, “worst” isn’t the most apt word to use, because it’s Star Wars, after all.

      Merry Christmas, my friend!

  3. Thanks “Shark” for a fun prologue with Andrew. I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know that there is an actual shark-like race in the Star Wars universe called a Karkaradon.

    While it seems Reed Farrington-esque for a Star Wars nut like Andrew to have seen Return of the Jedi prior to Empire Strikes Back, I must confess to having seen Temple of Doom last in the Indiana Jones trilogy. Probably not weighted in the same context considering those are better separated out.

    • Thanks for listening, devoultionary1. Merry Christmas, too, if you’re into that whole thing.

      I had never heard of the Karkarodons. I know the wolfman race in the EU from reading Road Squadron. 🙂

      • No worries James! Xmas happens to be my birthday so I celebrate it regardless. Happy Festivus to you as well!

        Star Wars lends itself to just about anything nowadays.

  4. In case people are wondering, Episode 3 will be dropping this week.

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