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The Star Wars Fan Interview – Episode III

Posted on Jan 9, 2016 by | 2 comments

Here we are, back for another episode of The Star Wars Fan Interview. Conceived entirely from the mind of one Jimmy “The Shark” Gillham, The Star Wars Fan Interview this time turns its gaze onto my nephews, Gehrig and Thorpe Monday, just a few hours after we watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This was the first viewing for James, and his thoughts on the film may surprise you. This is the man who created The All Pig after all.

This is the shortest interview we’ve done so far, though I think it ends up being pretty fun and we get some interesting perspective from two young fans of the Star Wars films. Granted, our subjects don’t have the life experience of those of us who grew up with the original trilogy, but their thoughts on the films are just as interesting. Next up on the schedule, James will be interviewing my wife Angela and then THE WORLD. Or something.

One item of note, some of you might have noticed that I dropped this episode fairly early for those of you who subscribe to our Podcast feed. That wasn’t by accident and is something I’m just playing around with. I like the idea of rewarding those of you who subscribe by getting the content to you early and that seemed like the easiest way to pull that off without instituting a pay wall or something similar. Your thoughts on that are always welcome.

As always, thanks for listening!

The Star Wars Fan Interview – Episode III [ 55:19 | 50.85 MB ] Download


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