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Tune in next time for … Cutthroat Island

Posted on Aug 25, 2009 by | 0 comments

Coming off of the heels of the terrible Mutant you might be wondering just what am I thinking watching a film widely regarded to being not only terrible, but one of the worst movies ever made? Also, isn’t it a pretty mainstream film? Excellent questions, all two of them. And if I might be allowed to retort.

I have never seen Cutthroat Island, and considering it is the tail end (Ed Note – Hah!) of the summer I thought that a swashbuckling pirate film might be a bit fitting. Also, I am of the opinion that while Cutthroat Island is considered a horrible film, that no one has actually ever seen it, and I point to the bock office receipts as proof. So if no one has seen it, how the hell can it be a mainstream film? Huh? Answer me that! Anyways, here’s to hoping it takes me less then a month to get through this disaster.


What have I gotten myself into?


Matt Gamble
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