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What’s Happening This Week (March 20 – 26)

Posted on Mar 18, 2009 by | 1 comment


The Betrayal
Starts Mar. 20
Lagoon Cinema

Filmed over the course of 23 years, The Betrayal is a heart-wrenching story about one family’s journey from Laos to New York. After his father is arrested by the Pathet Laos for working for the Americans, one son struggles to survive war and life in a new country with nine other siblings. Ellen Kuras’s directorial debut is an unforgettable film about the consequences of war and the strength of family. An Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary Feature, The Betrayal stops by the Lagoon Cinema for a one-week run.

Beyond Borders Film Festival
Starts Wednesday, Mar. 25
Parkway Theater

Rimé Foundation presents the Beyond Borders Film Festival, a five-day celebration of uplifting films from around the world. The films explore the universal conditions of humanity, and the things that bring us together – no matter where we’re from. Selected films include Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s Sugar, Academy Award nominee Revanche, and Nina Paley’s animated feature Sita Sings the Blues. Some directors will be on-hand during the screenings. For more information, including a complete schedule of films and showtimes, visit

Starts Mar. 20
Lagoon Cinema

It’s time those corporate bigwigs got what was coming to them. A former CIA officer (Julia Roberts) and a former MI6 agent (Clive Owen) meet again years after their jobs brought them tantalizingly together. Now they work for warring multinational corporations, both of them itching for a formula that will bring their companies a fortune. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to take ‘em for all they’ve got. There’s only one problem. How does love fit into the equation? Academy Award-nominated writer/director Tony Gilroy’s follow up to Michael Clayton promises to be a fast-paced war of words and feelings. Also starring Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson.

Saturday, Mar. 21 at midnight
Uptown Theater

Say hello to my little friend! Brian de Palma’s cult classic rips into the Uptown for the latest edition of Midnight Madness. Al Pacino stars as Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant to rises to the top of the Miami drug market only to come crashing down, consumed by greed and violence. Its violence was controversial back in 1983, and almost legendary now. Also starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio. Muja Messiah will perform live before the screening.

Starts Mar. 20
Lagoon Cinema

Two people are stranded at an airport on a dark, rainy night. An airport shuttle arrives, driven by a friendly and helpful man. They think it’ll just be a short trip… but they’re in for a shock. Edward Anderson’s directorial debut is a taut and frightening thriller that shows even the most innocent of things can turn bad.

Sunshine Cleaning
Starts Mar. 20
Uptown Theater

An offbeat comedy about cleaning up your life while cleaning up the remains of other peoples’. Amy Adams and Emily Blunt star as Rose and Norah, two down-on-their-luck sisters who enter the crime scene clean-up business to get some extra cash. Rose is a thirty-something single mom struggling to get her son into a better school, while Norah still lives at home with her father (Alan Arkin.) But as they get stuck in the midst of murders, suicide and other gruesome scenes, the girls find they have more to offer than just scrubbing and washing. Directed by Christine Jeffs (Rain, Sylvia.)

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