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Where the Long Tail Ends Presents: A Trip to Downton Abbey, Season One

Posted on Dec 9, 2013 by | 2 comments

To quote the Matt Gamble, “And we’re back!”

This time, Angela Fabbrini and I team up to discuss one of our favorite shows in the history of shows, the British/American co-production Downton Abbey. We’ve been planning it for months, talking about it for even longer, and now here you have it — our own freewheeling, spoiler-filled discussion of the first season (or, series as they say over there) at Downton.

We touch on our favorite conflicts and situations, those characters that we love to hate (and hate to love) and some of the finer points of the program in anticipation of the series four release here in the US. Everyone from Mr. Carson to Mr. Bates, Anna to Gwen, Lady Mary to Lady Sybil, and Thomas and O’brien are touched on in our discussion of this second-to-none ensemble drama that is carried in the US as part of the Masterpiece Classic program on your local public television station.

In all seriousness, friends, this discussion is rife with spoilers for the first year of Downton Abbey, so please proceed with caution. If you even think that you might enjoy watching the show and haven’t had time to catch up yet, press the stop button before we get started because you won’t want any of the fun spoiled. Past seasons are available on DVD, blu-ray, Hulu, and other on-demand services.

Thanks for checking us out. Angela and I are excited to finally get together and chat about one of our favorite television pastimes. If you’ve got any questions, comments, criticisms, or concerns please comment below; your thoughts are always welcome.

And to our friends across the pond — no series four spoilers, please. We here in the US won’t be getting our 4th year fix until January!

Opening Theme – The Suite by Ennio Morricone
Closing Theme – Track 7 by Our Musical Past Volume 1 (Library of Congress)

ountdown to Downton - Episode 1 [ 52:35 | 48.22 MB ] Download


James Gillham
James is a lifelong fan of horror and science fiction films. A Where the Long Tail Ends contributor since 2009, James is co-host of the High and Low(Brow) Podcast.
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  1. Just one little comment on the show; Lady Edith is the classic middle child. Starving for attention and to win her parents approval.

    Also, if you get around to Gosford Park, there are two companion movies to consider. Rules of the Game is the clear inspiration in many respects. Also, Charlie Chan in London is obliquely referenced in the movie itself.

    • Thanks for listening, Robert. I hadn’t considered that bit about Lady Edith, although it makes sense. I always found her to be a much more sympathetic character than Lady Mary, especially in the first season.
      I’d like to get to Gosford Park soon. It’s one that I’ve always meant to watch but somehow never makes it off my ‘To do’ list.

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