Where the Long Tail Ends is a movie site dedicated to finding old, obscure and possibly awful films that mainstream pop culture has passed by. Where the Long Tail Ends originated from a love of smaller genre and independent films that were difficult to track down, and even harder to find information on. Not wanting to be like other sites devoted to a single genre or blockbuster mainstream films, Where the Long Tail Ends is attempting to find lesser known and/or viewed films and share them with others.

In keeping with the idea of reviewing films not easily found on other sites, Where the Long Tail Ends is attempting to do other things not typically found on film sites; that being ignoring daily Hollywood gossip and other film related news, and instead focusing on writing reviews and articles that take more then thirty seconds to read. We might even delve into areas not related to film. In short, we are attempting to be the opposite of every successful film website on the Internet. The results should be interesting for everyone involved.

Picture of Matt Gamble

Matt Gamble

Originating as a weekly column at a long defunct website, Where the Long Tail Ends is Matt’s brainchild. Theater Manager by night, semi-freelancer by day; Matt has spent the better part of the last 35 years immersing himself in film and dedicating his spare time in a shameless, self-aggrandizing attempt at finding the weirdest, most obscure films ever made. All so he can brag about his viewing exploits to his friends. Most of whom don’t care. He also is incredibly punctual at doing his chores. Most days anyways.

Picture of James Gilham

James Gilham

James Gillham is a lifelong fan of horror and science fiction films. A Where the Long Tail Ends contributor since 2009, James is co-host of the High and Low(Brow) Podcast and author of The Movie Night Diaries, a column dedicated to revisiting horror and science fiction films from the past.

When he’s not contributing to Where the Long Tail Ends, James enjoys reading, fidgeting with his Facebook page, and worrying about whether or not to use the Oxford comma.

Picture of Robert Reineke

Robert Reineke

Robert Reineke was born in the dark era before cable television, but somehow survived based on a steady diet of Universal Monsters, Hammer Horror, 1950s science fiction, and Godzilla on his local UHF station. As a college student, he discovered the works of David Lynch and Akira Kurosawa which opened up different vistas for him.

When he’s not doing useful things like heading up environmental investigations and cleanups or designing sewers, you can find him watching movies, writing about them, and talking about them. He’s a booster of the Milwaukee Film Festival. Somehow he puts up with young whippersnappers Nat Almiral and Cody Lang on the Still Watching the Skies podcast.

Picture of Cody Lang

Cody Lang

Cody Lang is going to University in the great up north. Cody is at the tail end of his master’s thesis and studying film, philosophy, and every other subject that will make completely unmarketable when he graduates. An avid listener of Where the Long Tail Ends, Cody will now join Matt, James and Robert in watching what no one else does.

Picture of Nat Almirall

Nat Almirall

Nat Almirall is originally from Michigan, which plays no part in his assertion that the greatest film of all time is Anatomy of a Murder. In his undergraduate days, he spent most of his time locked in the screening rooms of the library watching scratchy laserdiscs of What's Up, Tiger Lilly? and Looking for Richard, which proved too thematically dense for him, so he retreated to watching reruns of Ducktales, which also proved too thematically dense.

Among his favorite past-times are coughing. And name dropping, as Robert Reineke will tell you. From his background as a professional editor, he suggests that James should always use the Oxford comma.