Still Watching the Skies: Episode 96 “Krull”

Cody, Robert, and Nat quest for meaning and reasons in viewing 1983’s KRULL.

KRULL opened July 29, 1983, just over 2 months after RETURN OF THE JEDI, and clearly had some hopes of being the next STAR WARS. Those hopes were dashed as KRULL earned only $16.9 million at the box office compared to an estimated $30 million budget and was generally dismissed by critics. Yet, KRULL has developed a cult following over the years. There’s a fondly remembered video game. The glaive is an iconic 80s movie prop and reappears in READY PLAYER ONE. There’s clearly KRULL nostalgia out there.


So, what’s behind the cult status that KRULL has that has eluded other fantasy / science fiction films of the 1980s? Certainly, Peter Yates was a talented director and there are many individual moments to the film that have flair. $30 million was a big budget for 1983 and the money shows up on screen whether through on location filming, elaborate sets and costumes, or special effects in just about every scene. There’s the very British-ness of the cast and production which is present in every frame. James Horner delivers a stand out score. And, there are old pros and rising stars in the cast including Liam Neeson.


On the other hand there’s the script, which seems like a series of cool ideas loosely strung together. And do the leads work? At all? We’ll discuss that.


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Time tracks:

KRULL Discussion: 0:00 to 53:12
Next Film and Outro: 53:12 to End

Next month, we keep it in the 1980s with another cult favorite, 1984’s THE LAST STARFIGHTER. We hope to have Jim Lazkowski join us as well. We hope you’ll join us too.

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