Still Watching the Skies: Episode 108 “The Stuff”

Cody, Robert, and Nat try to decide if they have enough of THE STUFF or not in this latest episode.

Larry Cohen had a long career. Generally regarded as a purveyor of schlock, Cohen’s films still have a cult following and an undercurrent of social commentary. THE STUFF, more than most, particularly traffics in the social commentary being more a social commentary than a horror film.

The Stuff

Arriving smack dab in the middle of the 1980s, it’s hard to really understate how tied in to the 1980s the film feels. If you wanted to see the 80s at their most extreme on film, here you go.

But, is the social satire really biting? Does conflating consumerism with addiction work as social commentary? We have much to discuss about the messaging of THE STUFF.

The Stuff

One point of positive agreement though is that the cast of characters actors is aces. In particular, Michael Moriarty turns in another oddball and compelling turn as the ostensible lead of the film. Surrounded by supporting character actors such as Danny Aiello, Garrett Morris, and Paul Sorvino there are often fun scenes just of characters which make up for many of the film’s technical shortcomings.

There’s also the question of whether THE STUFF truly works as a horror film. Certainly the corporate malfeasance metaphor is still around today, but is THE STUFF nightmare fuel? Or simply a vehicle for the social satire? And can you take it all seriously?

The Stuff

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The Stuff

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Next month, we travel back to the turn of the millennium and the millennium vision of Kathryn Bigelow with STRANGE DAYS. We hope you’ll join us.

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